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Introduction- For those who do not like the title


Chapter One

Pakistan's Economic Saga

Chapter Two

Who owns Pakistan?

Chapter Three

How they make MONEY

How they make money?

The Beginning
The Founding Fathers
The role of banks and financial institutions

The alarm bells
Who gets the bank loans

Beginning of bad loans
The loans bonanza
Pakistan's top defaulters
Three lists of loan defaulters, a comparison

Pakistan's top defaulters

Mian Aftab Ahmad, a professional loan defaulter

Habib Bank Gujranwala- The bank that gave non-repayable loans

The sick mill therapy, at whose cost?

How Central Board of Revenue (CBR) helps them?

CBR, Corrupt or Politicized

The Politics of SROs

Interesting Cases of making MONEY

The Rebate- Duties Bonanza

Richest Individuals of Pakistan

Pakistan's nameless, faceless billionaires
Bename  Ownership

Chapter Four

Pakistan's Taxation System

Chapter Five

Money and Politics


Pakistan's Robber Barons




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