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The House of Habib has about 90 units in its fold, Mian Mohammad Mansha is director on boards of 45 companies, Ittefaq controls at least 29 units, SadaruddinHashwani has 25 companies, Monnoos have 18 textile and sugar mills, Farooq Hassan of Hassan Associates lives in a house insured for 4 million dollars, the house built by Bashir Ahmad of Escort group over 40,000 square feet in Gulberg Lahore has a liberary custom made in London, Farida Saigol lives in a house sprawled over 68 Kanals of land in a posh locality, Seth Abid has invested Rs 5 billion in real estate in Lahore and his front men control Lahore Stock Exchange, Wedera Ghulam Mohammad Mehr owned 100,000 acres and Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi owns 80,000 acres.

It is these people, their like, Kith and Kin who own Pakistan, for whom the system works. Their true worth is not known even to government. My investigations have revealed that top 44 buisiness groups own assets worth Rs 500 billion or equal to the size of Pakistan's budget. YET THEY PAY MARGINAL INCOME TAX. In several cases no tax at all.

Is the question Who owns Pakistan inapproprate?

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Robber Barrons of Pakistan