S No  Name  Assests  Turnover 
1 Al-Noor Sugar Mills  944 752
2 Al-Asif Sugar 586 379
3 Shah Murad Sugar 104 926
4 Al-Noor Modaraba - -
  TOTAL  2,573 2,057
Unlisted Companies
  1. Al-Asif Textile
  2. Ahmad Hosiery Mills (pvt) Ltd
  3. Fantasy Garments
  4. Aurangzeb IMPEX
  5. Sindh Particles Board
  6. Vilon Garments (pvt) Ltd
  7. Delite Industries
  8. Sufyan Trading
  9. Ebrahim Trading
  10. Al-Noor Fertilizar                                                               Top of Page


Ghulam Farooq belonged to the famous Khattak family of Northwest Frontier Province (NWFP). He founded Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC) and headed several big government corporations before resigning from govt job in 1968 to look after his own business. Because of his contribution in Pakistan'a industrial development he is sometimes described as " the Goliath who industrialized Pakistan".
1 Mirpur Khas Sugar Mills  374 544
2 Cherat Cement 1,840 529
3 Cherat Papersack 251 263
4 Greaves Air Conditioners - -
  TOTAL  2,465  1,336 
  Unlisted Companies
  1. Farooq (pvt) Ltd
  2. Greaves Cotton (pvt) Ltd
  3. Associated Constructors (pvt) Ltd
  4. Greaves Modaraba Services (pvt) Ltd
  5. Greaves Carbon Products (pvt) Ltd
  6. Greaves Power Engineering                                                           Top of Page


S NO Name Assets Turnover
1 A A Textile 400 704
2 Ibrahim Textile 664 1,018
3 Zainab Textile 832 811
4 Ibrahim Energy 437 96
5 Ibrahim Fiber - -
  TOTAL 2,333 2,629
Financial Companies
  1. Ibrahim Modaraba   142
  2. Ibrahim Leasing        194
Unlisted Companies
  1. Ibrahim Agencies (pvt) Ltd
  2. Ibrahim Enterprises (pvt) Ltd                                                  Top of Page


United group made the bulk of its fortune during the chief ministership and premiership of Nawaz Sharif when the group was sold Pasrur Sugar Mills for a token price of Rs one and its Chairman, Mohammad Saleem was appointed managing director of National Development Leasing Corporation (NDLC) replacing Rafiq Habib.

At the time of privatization of Pasrur Sugar Mills, the United Sugar committed a bank guarantees of Rs 200 million towards the liabilities of Pasrur Sugar Mills to the Financial institutions and agreed to contribute an additional equity of Rs 50 million for the rehabilitation of the sick mill. The agreement provided that all future BMR projects of Pasrur Sugar Mills will be financed on 50-50 basis.

Pasrur Sugar Mills became a heavy stone around the neck of the parent company and nearly a decade after its acquisition, the United Sugar Mills has become a defaulter to nationalized commercial banks.

S No  Name  Assets  Turnover 
1 United Sugar  417 619
2 Sajjad Textile  346 275
3 International Floor Covering  273 47
4 United Carpets 239 48
5 United Woolen 214 49
6 United Jute 460 113
7 Sana Fabrics 272 -
8 Ahmad Spinning 16 -
  Total Manufacturing Assets 2,237 1,191
Financial Assets
9 NDLC  3,644
Unlisted Companies
  1. United Paints
  2. Pasrur Sugar Mills
  3. S. Mohammad Saeed Goreeja & CO                                     Top of Page


Bawany dynasty was founded by two Bawany brothers, Ahmad Karim Ebrahim Bawany and abdul Latif Ibrahim Bawany born in 1882 and 1890 respectively at Jetpur, Kathiawar, who had migrated to Burma towards end the end of 19th century and set up Ahmad Violin Hosiery Works in Rangoon. The two brothers reportedly made their initial fortunes by selling cloth as a vendor on bicycle from village to village. It was in Rangoon that they incorporated their first limited company and established themselves as an importer and exporter.

After the military coup in Burma they returned to set up a business in India and in 1947 migrated to Pakistan. It was perhaps in memory of the Hosiery Mills at Rangoon that a company with the same name was incorporated in Karachi and is doing a flourishing business.

The name Bawany has its origin in the name of an elder of the family, Bawa known for his honesty and hard work in home town Jetpur.

They were first among the Memons to open a purchase office in Kobe, Japan and supported the construction of first mosque in Japan at Kobe.

Bawanies were a big family and Ahmad Bawany had seven sons namely Siddiq, Majid, Yahya, Ibrahim, Amin, Rauf and Zakaria Bawany, each of whom is believed to be heading at least one idependent industrial unit independently. Presetly the members of Bawany family are active in textile, jute, sugar, particle board, Oxygen, leather, garments, tanneries and cables.

Al-Noor is splinter of Bawanie and the two have joint interests in several companies. It set up its first Project Al-Noor Sugar Mills in 1970 and today has four companies listed on KSE. A big project by Al-Noor which is in the offing is under construction is Al-Noor Fertilizer located at Dhabeji, 50 Km from Karachi with the projected installed capacity to produce 390,000 tons of Urea and 390,000 tons of DAP.

S No  Name  Assests  Turnover 
1 Bawany Sugar  780 632
2 Faran Sugar 875 576
3 Pioneer Cables  239 358
4 B F Modaraba  16 16
5 Bawany Air 55 41
6 Annoor Textile 77 21
7 Bewany Metals - -
8 Latif Jute Mills 133 122
9 Pakistan Telephone Cables  - -
  TOTAL 2,175 1,766


Schon has been a controversial group and its chairman Athar Hussain, a former pilot with PIA had been taking great pain to explain the origin of seed money for the group. After the dismissal of Benazir govt in November 1996, Athar Hussain and his two sons fled Pakistan because of scandals about their deals with the Privatization Commission and their relationship with Asif Zardari, husband of former prime minister.

Schon bought National Fibre, Pak-China Fertilizer and Quaidabad Woolen Mills in Nawaz Sharif's privatization and nearly succeeded in acquiring Pak-Saudi Fertilizer Company during Bhutto's privatization , through a front man.

The group was founded in Singapore in 1973 to engage in import and export business while Athar Hussain was working as a pilot with the Singapore Airlines. It started as an Export House and grew around the hefty rebates that the group got on the export consignments. Nasir Hussain in an interview with Ovais Subhani of " The News", Islamabad narrated how he got his first order of shirts worth 300 dollars to Singapore and later took a furlow from college in the United States to supply a big garments order.

" Winning a export order from the Export Promotion Bureau proved to be the turn I was looking for. And in a little time we had enough resources to bid for a textile mills and later for a fibre unit under Nawaz Sharif's privatization", he said in the interview.

According to Privatization Commission figures, Schon had acquired National Fibre and Pak-China Fertilizer for total bid prices of Rs 1,21,3.84 million ( Rs 756.64 million and Rs 456.84 million respectively) but was handed over the management after a down payment of Rs484.5 million and the bulk of the balance amount is outstanding against the group.

In November 1991, at an investors conference in Islamabad, the Schon group announced plans for the setting up of a 30,000 barrels per day refinery at Port Qasim, in collaboration with PHOENIX Corp and Petro-Chem of United States under Benazir Bhutto govt when members of Schon group had close contacts with Asif Zardari, political clout was used to put together a financial package for the refinery in which National Investment Trust and several banks forced to join the project as equity partner.

After the sacking of Bhutto govt, newspapers carried several reports that Schon wanted to dispose off National Fibre and other units, prior to dismissal of Benazir Bhutto govt which was a violation of deed signed with Privatization Commission. A report in the daily, The News, Islamabad, in December 1996 also reproduced extracts of a letter by Tahir Hussain to Asif Zardari, revealing that a bid was being made to sell National Fibre through an intermediary.

" With regard to the visit of Pir Murad Ali Shah in connection with the purchase of National Fibre Limited, it is informed to your goodslef that as this unit is under heavy financial burden, therefore, it is of immense importance to get these loans waived off before further negotiations in respect of sale of this factory could be carried further. It is also informed that Corporate Law Authority has created a case against us which is becoming a problem for Schon Group. I shall be highly obliged if this case can be closed against National Fibre Limited. Accept my hearty felicitations and thanks on helping us to have the extended loan facility by the Habib Bank which was not possible without your personal interest in the matter ", the letter said.

Athar Hussain was taken into custody after dismissal of Bhutto govt but he managed to flee and is now living happily in United States. In November 1997, 8 residential plots and shares of Schon Bank were auctioned by Ehtasab Cell but a deal was mysteriously and quietly struck by Ehtsasab Cell and Athar Hussain. Details of the deal were not made public despite questions asked in the Senate but National Development Finance Corporation (NDFC) which started the legal process to repossess the National Fibre Limited was asked by the Ehtasab Cell to delay the takeover. According to the report published by The News, Islamabad on March 27, 1998, Ehtasab Cell has disbursed Rs 123 million to clear the dues of Pak-China Fertilizer to workers of the unit and WAPDA so that the unit can resume operation.

S No Name  Assets  Turnover 
1 National Fibre  1,851 838
2 Schon Textile  187 132
3 Schon Textile - -
4 Pak-China Fertilizer  - -
  TOTAL  2,038 970
Financial Assets
5 Schon Bank  1,994
6 Schon Modaraba  265
Unlisted Companies
  1. Schon Refinery
  2. Schon Air
  3. Schon Mineral
  4. Schon Chemical
  5. Schon Hosiery
  6. Schon Export House
  7. Schon Capital Market                                                                      Top of Page


Abdul Ghani Dada Bhoy was the founder of Dada Bhoy group, starting in trade and branching off into the construction business. The group has a big share of cement market in Southern Pakistan.

Like other Memon groups, Dad Bhoys are closely linked through intermarriages with other leading families like Jaffer and Bawany.

Abdul Ghani Dada Bhoy had five sons and two daughters, namely Noor Mohammad Dada Bhoy, Mohammad Farooq Dada Bhoy, Mohammad Hussain Dada Bhoy, Abdullah Hussain Dada Bhoy and Ghulam Mohammad Dada Bhoy. Daughters are Mrs Mehrunisa Jaffer and Mrs Zaibunisa Tanveer
S No  Name  Assets  Turnover 
1 Dadabhoy Padube     
2 Pak-German Prefab  51 10
3 Dadabhoy Cement Industries  1,965 896
  TOTAL  2,016 906

Financial Assets
4 Dadabhoy Leasing 151
5 Pak Resources Insurance   

Unlisted Companies

  1. Dadabhoy Agencies (pvt) Ltd
  2. Dadabhoy Investment (pvt) Ltd
  3. Dadabhoy Housing (pvt) Ltd
  4. Dadabhoy Construction Company
  5. Agro-Forestor (pvt) Ltd
  6. Dadabhoy Engineering (pvt) Ltd
  7. Parero Industries
  8. Chemin Industries
  9. Dadabhoy Energy Supply Co
  1. Quartz (pvt) Ltd
  2. Karachi Lubricant Ltd                                                         Top of Page


SNo  Name  Assets 
1 Rupali Plyster  1910
2 Sunari Bank 12,838


S No  Name  Assets  Turnover 
1 Sitara Spinning  497 329
2 Sitara Energy  1,122 439


Mian Mohammad Ismaeel Sheikh was a business magnate who headed the biggest industrial and commercial concerns owned by Muslims in the present-day Pakistan, and in pre-partition India. The group set up its first factory in 1898, first flour mill in 1908 and at the time of partition comprised 14 ginning factories and 4 flour mills. A Crescent and Star was the insignia of the group.

The group lost heavily to Bhutto's nationalization and it was left only with a few textile mills, flour mills and ginning factories.

The fate of the parent company Sheikh Mohammad Ismaeel and Company and Messes Sheikhco Co Ltd are not known.

S No  Name  Assets  Turnover 
1 Suhail Jute  193 118
2 Colony Sarhad  422 217
3 Colony Woolen  7 -
4 Colony Textile  196 291
5 Nafees Cotton  683 544
6 Colony Thal Textile  - -
7 Salman Noman 119 196
  TOTAL  1,620 1,366
Financial Companies
8 National Security Insurance  94


This group has developed around one of the oldest sugar mills in Pakistan namely Premier Sugar Mills belonging to a Hindu family which changed hands at the time of partition and was bought over by Sarfraz Khan, father of late Mir Mohammad Afzal Khan, a minister in Zulfikar Ali Bhutto's cabinet.

The current chairman of the group, Abbas Sarfraz is among the few who have declared their assets to worth over 1 million dollars.

S No  Name  Assets  Turnover 
1 Premier Sugar  655 302
2 Chasma Sugar  643 626
3 Frontier Sugar 135 170
4 A R Pak 68 -
  TOTAL  1,501 928


Chaudry Shahnawaz was the sole distributor and agent of Mercedez Benz when he launched Shezan International Limited in 1965, to manufacture juices, preserving and canning fruits, vegetables and their products. Although not so prominent among the 22 families, Shahnawaz is one of the leading industrial conglomerate of agricultural processing industries, sugar and textile mills. It is currently headed by Muneer Nawaz who is one of the 30 odd Pakistani nationals who have declared their assets to be in excess of 1 million dollars in 1993.

The real strength of the group still lies in the parent company Shah Nawaz Limited which has grown into one of the biggest trading company in Pakistan representing multinationals like the Mercedez Benz, NEC computers and communication equipment and is heavily involved in the import and export business with former socialist countries.

S No  Name  Assets  Turnover 
1 Shah Taj Sugar  554 605
2 Shezan International  314 682
3 Shahnwaz Textile - -
4 Shah Taj Textile 199 192
5 Benz Industries - -
6 Shah Pur Textile 232 233
7 ? Modaraba    
Unlisted Companies
    Hatter Fruits (pvt) Ltd

    Shah Nawaz Ltd

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S No  Name  Assets  Turnover 
1 Mubarik Textiles  346 119
2 Fatima Enterprise  - -
3 Fazal Textile  - -
4 Reliance Textile  - -


S No  Name  Assets  Turnover 
1 Bhenero Textile  457 665
2 Blessed Textile  320 209
3 Faisal Spinning 349 326

Unlisted Companies

    Al-Fajr Manufacturer of Hush Puppy Shoes
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S No  Name  Assets  Turnover 
1 Ice Textile  711 676
2 Ideal Spinning  318 392
3 Calico Cotton 47 75
4 Ashfaq Textile  159 129
  TOTAL  1,235 1,272
Unlisted Companies
    Arshad Textile

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" In a society, deep neck in corruption, I more often than not, find myself a misfit. There is no place for a veteran businessman anymore in the socity ".
G M Adamjee
The Adamjee dynasty was founded by Haji Dawood in 1896 by establishing a commodity trading company, but it was his son Sir Adamjee Haji Dawood , under whom the Adamjee empire came to be built on a solid foundation. In 1923 he built a Match factory outside Rangoon, second biggest in the world for a long time. At the time of partition, Adamjee were the biggest exporter of jute from Calcutta.

Abdul Wahid Adamjee had three sons, namely Mohammad Hanif, Abdul Hamid and Abdul Razak.

A G Adamjee s/o Zakaria Adamjee has two sons Akbar Adamjee and Zafar Adamjee. G M Adamjee has Ashraf Adamjee.

Adamjee Jute Mills was the biggest jute mill in the world, employing 25,000 workers and producing 100,000 tons of Hessian and gunny bags. Other units in the group in East Pakistan included:

    Primier Lamination producing polythene laminated jute goods.

    Meghna Textile Mills

    Star Particle Board

    National Tubes Limited at Tongi Industrial Area

    Dacca Vegetable Oil Industry and

    Aroma tea blended from five tea gardens at Sylhet

In addition Adamjee had stakes in other business concerns in East Pakistan like Karnaphuli Paper Mills of Dawood and Bengla Assam Steamship.

In Bhutto's nationalization they lost Muslim Commercial Bank and interest in Mohammadi Steamship Company, leaving them only Adamjee Sugar Mills and Adamjee Cotton Mills, Karachi.

Adamjee own Pakistan's biggest insurance company, Adamjee Insurance but do not rank among top 44 groups based on manufactruing assets. However like the Habib group they are also making conscious efforts to appear small and inconspicuous. For example they have set up a big pharmaceutical unit whose products are being sold in the market under the packing of Adamjee without identifying the company.

S No  Name  Assets  Turnover 
1 K S B Pumps  343 385
2 Adamjee Paper  180 86
3 Mehran Jute  91 97
4 Adamjee Flooring  62 5
5 Adamjee Ploycraft - -
  TOTAL  676 573
Financial Compnies
6 Adamjee Insurance  2,000
Unlisted Companies
    Adamjee Diesel Engineerin (PAK) Pvt Ltd

    Adamjee Pacific Trading Company

    Adamjee Engineering Pvt Ltd

    Adamjee Construction Company

    Adamjee Ammam & Whitney Pak. Ltd

    Adamjee Durabuilt (Pvt) Ltd

    Adamjee Auto Part Manufacturing Company

    Adamjee Industries Ltd

    Adamjee Garment Industries

    Associated Trading Company

    AJAX Industries (Pvt) Ltd

    AJAX Trading Company

    Golden Valley Trading Company

    Mingle Trading Company Ltd

    Eurasian Chemicals (Pvt) Ltd                                                  Top of Page


S No  Name  Assets  Turnover 
1 Tawakkal Limited  390 611
2 Tawakkal Garments  454 239
3 Hamraz Industries 198 290
4 Tawakkal Polyster 261 69
5 Baluchistan Wheels 375 148
6 Naya Daur Motors - -
  TOTAL  1,768 1,357
Financial Companies
7 Tawakkal Modaraba 644 
8 Unity Modaraba  -
Unlisted Companies
    Tawakkal Exports

    Tawakkal Enterprise

    Tawakkal Builders

    Tawakkal General Export Corporation

    Tawakkal Textile Corporation

    Pullatan Cement Corporation in Sri Lanka bought for 41 million Dollars

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Jehangir Elahi is brother in law of Mian Mohammad Mansha and is ranked among the top 44 industrial groups in Pakistan. He has launched several projects as joint ventures with Mian Mohammad Mansha, as for example Genertech, one of the earliest private sector power plants conceived in Pakistan.

Independently his group has four companies listed on the stock exchange.

S No  Name  Assets  Turnover 
1 Taj Textile  1,304 359
2 Elahi Cotton  130 188
3 Elahi Spinning and Weaving  604 564
4 Elahi Electric 497 -
  TOTAL  2,535 1,111
Unlisted Companies
    Elahi Enterprise

    White Cement

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Kassim Dada comes from one of the oldest Memon enterpreneurs family from the sub-continent which had set up Dada Commercial house in the 19th century. Long before the creation of Pakistan, the Dadas had set up offices in Burmah, South Africa and countries of the Far-East. It was as a representative of Dada Commercial House  "(DADA Abdullah and Company)" that M K Gandhi went to South Africa, as a lawyer in 1893.

The Dadas were reported to have set up several big and medium sized projects in Pakistan, " While retaining their interests in India ", including as asbestos Cement Factory plants at Karachi, Hyderabad and Chittgong, three textile mills, cotton and chemical plants. At least three cement plants were lost in East Pakistan and in Bhutto's nationalization.

" But the Dada's share in Pakistan's big business, and their capital must not be judged only on the basis of enterprises which they control directly. The point is that the Dadas who have continuously held ruling positions in Karachi Stock Exchage, have made wide use of concealed forms of financial control. They have also been junior partners in a number of of Pakistani and foreign monopolies ", Sregey Lvin observed abut Dadas in " the upper bourgeoisie from the Muslim commercial community of Memons of Pakistan".

S No  Name  Assets  Turnover 
1 Dadex Entrite  791 683
2 Punjab Building Products 104 52
  TOTAL  895 755
Kassim Dada hold major local equity in the following Multinationals.
    Smith Kline

    Brook Bond

    Berger Paints

Kassim Dada was sponsoring director in Hyderabad Elecronics, Aumotative Battery Limited and Interfund Bank.
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S No  Name  Assets  Turnover 
1 Masood Textile  1,016 1,191
2 Mahmood Textile  938 2,018
3 Asim Textile  447 182
4 Kakakhel Industries  132 410
  TOTAL  2,578 3,801
Unlisted Companies
    Aizad Beverages Industries (Pvt) Ltd

    Punjab Agricultural Cooperative Corporation

    Mahmood Power Generation

The group also hold the frunchise for Coca Cola in the Faisalabad area and appears to have acquired Khurshid Textile Mills since it was in connection with rescheduling of a Rs 800 million loans relating to this mill that former zonal chief of Habib Bank G M Khairati was arrested in 1996, on complaint of MNA Shahid Nazir, for seeking commission from him.
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