Big and Beutiful-

But looking Small and Ugly

In addition to the top 22 families of the 1970 and 1990, there are several small groups who are rich and up to the hilt but have no or little presence on the stock exchange. They are like still waters that run deep, or icebergs with submerged tips. These groups include
    Adam Group: A memon group with only two companies. Adam Sugar Mills and Premier Textile listed on KSE. It is known as one of the biggest importers and dealers of tea in Pakistan.

    Avari Group: It comprises Spencers, Beach luxury hotel, newly set up Beach Brewery and Avari Hotels at Karachi and Lahore. The group also holds " management contracts for Avari Hotel at Totonto, Dubai and Sharja.

    Chaudry Group:of Ch. Shujaat Husain comprising of at least ten companies including four sugar mills namely Punjab Sugar Mills, National Sugar Mills, Phalia Sugars and under construction Nayyar Sugar Mills as well as Impak International, Cee Bee Industries, Modern Embroidary Textile Mills and Kunjah Textile Mills. Chaudry Shujaat Hussain and his close relatives are known to be operating carpet manufacturing plant at Jabl-e-Ali in UAE and two carpet manufacturing units under Nayyar Industries Ltd at Gujrat and Lahore. Chaudry Shujaat Hussain's arch rival Ahmad Mukhtar claimed during the 1993 election compaign that Chaudries of Gujrat have set up business in Far East including a hotel.

    Chinab Group: It is an export oriented Chanioti group which has been winning PFCCI Export Trophy for several years. Starting with export of Rs 88 million in 1987, exports by the group rose to to 2,219 million in 1997. The companies in the group include Chinab Fabrics and Processing Mills Ltd, Chinab Fibres Ltd, Chinab Cotton and Oil Extraction Ltd, Faisal Weaving Mills Ltd, Latif Weaving Mills, Chinab Garments Ltd and Chinab Exports Ltd. Chinab group was part of National group of twelve industrial families who acquired MCB in 1991.

    Dimond Group: A chinioti group headed by Tariq Shafi, a member of National Assembly from Karachi. The group has only one company listed on KSE.

    DSI Goup: The group started in 1974 by setting up a 100% export oriented company but now comprising of four units. A) DSI Corporation, B) DSI Corporation (Pvt), C) DSI Household Linen(Pvt) and D) Messers Mohammad Amin Mohammad Siddique. Its total exports in 1996 stood at Rs 654 million which won it best exporter award from PFCCI for third year running, in the field of cotton knitted products.

    Sahaf Group:headed by Salahuddin Sahaf had a turn over of Rs 400 million in 1994. It comprised of 1) Shahdin Ltd 2) Sahaf Enterprise, 3) Tush Private Ltd and 5) Iqbal Qamar (Pvt) Ltd.

    REDCO Group: headed by Senator Saif ur Rehman comprising seven companies including three Pre-Fab Construction companies in the Middle East, REDCO Textile Mills and Construction Companies in Pakistan. The group has its head office in Abu Dhabi and holds the franchise for BMW luxury cars in Pakistan.

    Qaisar Group of Companies: A rapidly growing industrial conglomerate from Chiniot whose chairman Qaisar A Sheikh has been elected member of the national Assembly from Jhang. The group has set up a modern chemical complex, Qaisar Lucky Chemicals at Sheikhupura in collaboration with South Korean company and is active in the import of plastic resins, iron and steel and export of rice.

    Riaz Bottlers: headed by Senator Humayun Akhtar Abdul Rehman known as Dollar Khan in Lahore. It comprises JDW Sugar Mills, Tandianwala Sugar Mills, Superior Textile Mills and Riaz Bottlers. The group is on the verge of setting up a 4,000 tons per day Pepcon Cement Project.

    Saifullah Group: comprising at least 11 industrial units including Lucky Cement, set up as a joint venture with Yunus Bro.

    International Multi-Group: comprising at least 9 companies including three, Associated Industries, Alliance Textile and International Multi-Leasing listed on KSE. The six unlisted companies include International Muti-Food Ltd, International Multi-Trading Corporation, Quality Food Products (Pvt), Multi Tex and Dan Pak Ltd,

    Tri-Star Group: operates Pakistan's biggest Shipping line in the private sector.

    Late Mahboob Elahi: of Asian Food Industries who declared his personal wealth to be in excess of one million dollars in 1993-94

    Noor Elahi Group: comprising at least eight companies is active in beverages, hoisery and textiles.

    Inam Elahi: has at least four textile mills, Firdous Textile, Nusrat Textile, Janat Textile and Fatima Textile.

    Mohammad Ahmad Group: comprises Yusuf Textile, Sunrays Textile, Indus Dying and Manufacturing, Gailwal Cotton Mills.

    Nawab Ahmad Group owns at least 3 textile units, SANA Industries, Sanaullah Modaraba and Sanaullah Woolen Mills.

    JKB Group: Jhangir Anwar (JA) and Khurshid Anwar (KA) are leaders of Pakistan Cotton Fashion Apparel manufacturers and exporters. The two brothers and their sons recently split into KJB and JKB groups. JKB group has been winning FPCCI Export Trophy for several years adn accounted for exports worth Rs 1 billion in 1996-97. The group comprises of at least seven companies namely 1) JK spinning Mills (formely Zeeshan Textile) 2) JK Fibre Mills (formely Shahid Textile Mills) 3) JK Energy Ltd 4) JK Tech (Pvt) Ltd 5) JK Sons (Pvt) Ltd 6) JK Pesticides (Pvt) Ltd 7) Fine Fabrics (Pvt) Ltd. The JKA group comprises 1) JK Brothers (Pvt) Ltd 2) Razia Textile Mills, 3) Abid Faiq Textile Mills and 4) JA Textile Mills.

    Naveen Group: Another export-oriented group comprising 1) Naveen Industries (Pvt) Ltd, 2) Sakina Textile Mills (Pvt) Ltd 3) Naveen Exports (Pvt) Ltd and 4) Ahmad Oriental Textile Mills.

One can go on listing the names of persons and groups who have unlimited resources at their disposal and avail privileges for which ordinary taxpayer pay. It is these people and their like who own and operates Pakistan.

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