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Chapter One

Pakistan's Economic Saga

Pakistan's Economic Saga and 22 Families

Pakistan's Economy, Muslim Buisiness (22 Families) at Independance

The Saga of the 1970's

Bhutto's Nationalization

Impact of Nationalization on Pakistan's Economic development

31 Key industies nationalized in 1972.

Nationalized Banks and their ownership.

Insurance companies of 22 families that were nationalized.

Natioanlized Shipping companies

Division in 22 Families, a post-Bhutto statergy to appear small

Privatization-Turning the Clock back

How to change a lemon into an orange?

Privatization formula rooted in corruption

How privatized units are evaluated and priced?

Owning the liabilities, trasferring the assets

A Big cover up in corruption in Privatization

Companies defaulting in Payment to Privatization Commission

A Brief History of Privatization

Nawaz Sharif's Privatization
Benazir Bhutto's privatization
Some landmark cases of Corruption in privatization

Fixing the reference price at will
Schon Group
Sikandar Jatoi
Kot Addu Power Company
OGDC privatization bid
UBL privatization bid
Pak-Saudi Fertilizer privatization bid

Mian Mohammad Mansha and Nawaz Sharif- Privatization of Muslim Commercial Bank- The Master Stroke?

Benazir Bhtto and Hashwani

Hashwani and PPL

Chapter Two

Who owns Pakistan?

Chapter Three

How they make MONEY

Pakistan's top defaulters
Richest Individuals of Pakistan

Chapter Four

Pakistan's Taxation System

Chapter Five

Money and Politics


Pakistan's Robber Barons




Email to Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif