introduction- For those who do not like the title


Chapter One

Pakistan's Economic Saga

Chapter Two

Who owns Pakistan?

Who Owns Pakistan?

22 families in 1970, 1990 and 1997

Big and Beautiful but looking Samll and Ugly

The ethnic divide of big buisiness

A Memon in Lahore
Karachi VS Punjab

Memons-The sailor businessmen of India

Memons are finished in Pakistan?
Will the Memons rise from ashes?
The companies owned by Memons on KSE

The Rise of Chiniotis

Bhutto's nationalization, a blessing in disguise for Chiniotis

Nawaz Sharif and Chiniotis

Companies owned by Chiniotis on KSE

Chapter Three

How they make MONEY

Pakistan's top defaulters
Richest Individuals of Pakistan

Chapter Four

Pakistan's Taxation System

Chapter Five

Money and Politics


Pakistan's Robber Barons

Email to Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif